Profile – Company Mission

Since its establishment in 1960 LDO has oriented its productions towards the extraction of active pharmaceutical ingredients from animal organs.
Over the years, LDO has specialized in the production of Heparin, Heparinoids and Glycosaminoglycans(Mucopolysaccharides),along with a production of antianemic iron derivatives.
Thanks to its extensive knowledge in the extraction and purification processes of active pharmaceutic ingredients – gained in decades of production and research – LDO is today one of the leading players in the production of Glycosaminoglycans (Mucopolysaccharides), exporting its products globally, from multinational enterprises to small local companies in the pharmaceutic, cosmetic and nutritional fields.
LDO’s commitment in the production of high-quality active pharmaceutic ingredients led to its approval by the Japanese Ministry (PMDA) as producer of Heparin and Heparinoids for their internal market and to the obtainment of the Certificate of Suitability for Heparin Sodium and Heparin Calcium by the EDQM.
With a constant and keen eye on the markets, LDO is today engaged in the new challenges set by globalization, with an endless attention to the quality of its products and to its client’s needs, also thanks to the new production lines in compliance with the CGMPs.