Research & Development

LDO’s Research & Development is always addressed to the innovation of both processes and products.

For LDO, innovating means researching new production technologies addressed to guaranteeing the best quality and safety of the products offered.

The Research & Development division is committed to the study of new molecules and products in the following therapeutic areas: antithrombotic, cardiovascular, osteoarthritis prevention, dermatology and nervous system.

LDO collaborates with top research centers: Istituto “G. RonzoniIstituto per la Ricerca Chimica e Biochimica.

The Research & Development division has actively collaborated with the Department of Pharmacology of Loyola University medical center.

Moreover, it has validated a virus removal process with the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology of the Faculty of Veterinary MedicineUniversity of Milan).
The deep knowledge of the glycosaminoglycans compounds class has allowed LDO to develop new processes and products featuring innovation, originality and industriability such as to allow the coverage of its products through patents. Hereafter, a few examples regarding products and processes.


  • Gammaparin
  • HF0420 is a low molecular weight oligosaccharide for the prevention of anti-cancer therapy induced neuropathy
  • Very Low Molecular Weight Heparin


  • Patent No. EP 1 675 875
    Title: “Multistep Process for the Physical Depolimerization of Heparin and Products Obtained Therefrom”
  • Patent No. EP 1 641 831; JP 4 733 015
    Title: “Process for the Physical Depolymerization of Glycosaminoglycanes and Products Obtained Therefrom”
  • Patent No. EP 1 572 749; US 7,321,034
    Title: “Process for the physical depolymerization of glycosaminoglycanes and products obtained therefrom”