Always oriented towards the quality of its products, LDO’s Quality Assurance guarantees the constant compliance of its operations – from production to shipping – to CGMP and ISO 9001 standards through the punctual application of Standard Operative Procedures. Quality Assurance is one of the fundamental pillars of LDO, always ready to acknowledge regulations updates and integrate them in the company’s Quality System through the punctual review of the Standard Operation Procedures and the constant training of personnel involved.


Thanks to the use of cutting edge analytical equipment and highly-qualified analysts, the Quality Control Laboratory guarantees the quality of the raw materials used in the production cycle and the excellence of LDO products. LDO’s Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with a chemical lab and a new microbiology lab of over 160 square meters that can carry out all the needed analyses required for the approval of raw materials and products. All Quality Control analysts are highly qualified and constantly trained, through practical training, on the new analytical procedures.


Dedicated and separate production lines, controlled-contamination rooms with increasing cleanliness classes and CGMP standards equipment, constantly guarantee that LDO products are produced in compliance with the different pharmacopoeias (EP,JP, USP) and to CGMP standards. The new production lines, recently manufactured according to CGMP standards, guarantee a greater production capacity and the possibility to meet clients’ requests. With over 50 years of experience in the production of Glycosaminoglycans (Mucopolysaccharides) and antianemic action iron derivatives, LDO is today one of the field’s leading players.


Thanks to the constant presence of its personnel presiding the main markets, to a widespread network of agents and distributors and to the direct participation during events and trade fairs, LDO’S Commercial Office distributes LDO products throughout five continents both to multinational enterprises and local companies in the pharmaceutic, cosmetic and nutritional fields. Particularly, LDO’s export business covers approximately 70% of the company’s production with main focus on the Far East (Japan and Korea) and European markets.


Thanks to the experience gained over decades of research and development in the processes of extraction and purification of active pharmaceutic ingredients starting from animal organs, LDO’s Research & Development department has been able to bring the production processes of Glycosaminoglycans (Mucopolysaccharides) to their best efficiency, also obtaining the registration of several patents in different countries, with regards to the production phases of Glycosaminoglycans (Mucopolysaccharides). Today, LDO’s Research and Development department works closely with the production department to guarantee the highest quality of LDO products.